Choosing Music For Your Wedding Tips

Tips on choosing the RIGHT Music for your celebration…

Sounds simple enough, but what exactly does that mean? Here are some timeless tips in regards to your music programming.

Step One.

Understand that different styles should be used to signify and differentiate the vibe from the cocktails, to the dinner to the dance. Wedding receptions have typically the largest demographic represented than almost any other type of entertainment function. Familiarity is KEY. Picking music for everyone to enjoy should be of paramount concern. We certainly want the music to reflect our personal preferences, but we must bear in mind that we want our guests to connect with music. It’s very hard for them to do that if they are unfamiliar with the selections. Keep the music familiar for folks between 5 and 85 and watch the magic!

Step Two.

Music that pays homage to those we love. Music has this beautiful power to take us back to a beautiful memory. Find some of the songs that were influential to your parents, grand parents, or other family songs that hold special meanings. Music that doesn’t connect is just background noise. Take some time to ask these questions before the wedding during the holidays or family gatherings.

Step Three.

Choosing your formal dance songs. We’re here! We’re sharing our first dance, our dance with our father or mother! For years we wondered how this moment would play out. We’ve envisioned sharing the spotlight with our future spouse. We want our families to know how much we care about the bond between a father and his little girl. Sharing an embrace with the woman who has watched us grown into the man we’ve become, mainly because of her. These memories mean so much to us. Picking THE song that pays tribute to these relationships is a beautiful way to say “thank you” for all that you’ve done, and for choosing to love me.

Step Four.

Must Play and Do Not Play Lists.

No two wedding receptions are exactly the same, so it should not come as a surprise that the playlists can vary greatly from weekend to weekend. However, there are several “core” songs that get MOST crowds going and will be sure to pack a dance floor. Must play lists should be songs that are totally about you and your crew! The songs that we went crazy over in high school and college, and take us back to prom night, homecoming, or that road trip with our besties.

On the contrary do not play lists are songs that we clearly despise. Whether it’s the chicken dance (deservedly so) or Sweet Caroline, some songs just don’t work for us, and that’s completely okay. Some of these songs will be requests from your guests, but if the entertainer is also your advocate he / she will address the concerns in the right matter, not the “It’s on a do not play list”.

Step Five.

Requests. There are some good ones, and some songs that make the Dj cringe. We’ve been asked to play songs about infidelity (Before He Cheats, Gunpowder & Lead, etc.) and drug use (Cocaine, etc.) and guests are dumbfounded when we say no. If the song is appropriate, and if the songs fits in with the vibe the couple wants absolutely we will play it! If the song is NOT a good dancing song, or if it doesn’t fit the vibe, we’ll try to make it work, but a request is just that. It’s not an obligation to play the song. That’s where hiring the RIGHT entertainer is key!

Cultivating Connections.

In my office I have a couple signs that I read at least once a week. The first one reads “Where Words Fail, Music Speaks” & “Music is what Feelings Sound Like” Both of these phrases reiterate my thought that if the tune doesn’t speak to you, or doesn’t connect with an emotion of happiness, love, excitement, then what’s the point? The right music at the right time will connect the audience. It allows us to tell your story through the power of music. It speaks to our soul in a manner that only we understand. Music quite literally expresses love and the right mix provides the perfect soundtrack to your perfect day!

Written by Chris Hintz, President of Pinnacle Productions.